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Research worker with teaching experience. Proven foreign language skills. Able to work on own initiative and as a part of a team. Good problem solving and analytical skills.


Academic Positions 1997 - :

Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, Professor, Electrical Engineering.

Working Experience 2003 - 2004:

Research Scientist, Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan

Areas of Specialization

Signal Processing

Spectral Analysis

Advanced Methods of Signal Analysis

International Law of Intellectual Property


Bialystok University of Technology, Habilitation Dec 2012

Wroclaw University of Technology, PhD. (with distinction) Jan 2001

Wroclaw University of Technology, M.Sc. (with distinction) Jun 1997

University of Strasburg, CEIPI (France), International Law of Intellectual Property, 1999

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany), Electrical Engineering, 1995

Medical Academy of Warsaw (Poland), 1982-1986

Seminars Attended

Digital Signal Processing

Advanced Mathematics

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows

Signal Processors and DSP Software (Texas Instruments)

Power system transients simulation software (EMTP-ATP)

Measuring systems

International Law of Intellectual Property: Patents, Trade Marks

Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology

Teaching Experience

Signals Theory - (2005-2006)

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals (1997 - 2006)

Digital Signal Processing (2002-2006)

Circuits and Systems (2000-2006)

Numerical Methods in Electrical Engineering (1998 - 2000)

Calculus, Linear Algebra

Differential Equations (1997 - 2000)

PhD Dissertation - Electrical Engineering, defended Feb 2001, publication


ABSTRACT: I argue in my dissertation that the use of modern high-resolution spectrum estimation methods, such as Min-Norm, Wigner-Ville distribution and combination of these with higher-order statistics (cumulants), provide more possibilities of analysis of highly distorted electrical signals than known methods of spectrum estimation based on Fourier transform. High-resolution spectrum estimation method, such as Min-Norm combined with the use of higher-order statistics could be effectively used for parameter estimation of distorted signals. A new method of visualization of frequency converter supplied drives by means of a static space-phasor was developed as a compact observation and diagnosis method. Statistical properties (estimation error) of the investigated methods for different multi-component signals were analyzed. Spectrums of the space-phasor and of the real-valued signals have been investigated under different operation conditions using the Min-Norm method , Wigner-Ville distribution and power spectrum.


Projects completed:

"Digital filtering using higher-order statistics" 1997-1998
"Adaptive neural networks for identification of state of electric systems" 1997-1998
"Identification of the fault mode operation of power systems by modern statistical analysis" 1999
"Modern Methods of Spectral Analysis in Electrical Engineering" 1999-2001
Wavelet Transform Applied to Power System Protection 1999-2002
Time-Frequency Analysis in Power Systems 2002-2005
Real-time measuring system for analysis of three-phase distorted currents
Software for optimization of digital non-recursive filters with special conditions in frequency domain.

Projects in progress:

Power Quality assessment using advanced DSP methods.
Multi-channel and Robust Methods in Power Systems
Wind Farms - Optimization and Safety (together with Universities in Madrid, Tarragona & Valencia (Spain)

IEEE Senior Member

No. 41575290 alias:


Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A

COMPEL (The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
IEEE Sensors Journal,
De Gruyter International Journal of Emerging Electric Power Systems,
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
International Journal of Power and Energy Systems (ACTA Press)
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
KIPE Journal of Power Electronics


Professor A. Cichocki, D.Sc. Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing, Brain Science Institute, Riken, Japan.
Professor Dr.-Ing. Peter Schegner , Technische Universitaet Dresden, Institut fuer Elektrische Energieversorgung und Hochspannungstechnik, Dresden, Germany.

Personal Details

Language Skills:

English spoken, written, technical (excellent working knowledge) German (excellent working knowledge), French (fluent)


Sailing, Travels, Wandering, Classical Music, Restoration of Classic Cars


Wroclaw University of Technology, Wyb. Wyspianskiego 27, I-7, 50-370 Wroclaw, Poland
Phone: +48713202626, Fax: +48713202006